Departments location in Väre

ARTS Leadership team did the decision about Departments location in Väre on the 5.6.2017.

Decision is:

Services will be located in the different floors to modules J, M, O and P. Service includes also the Dean’s unit.

Modules J and K on the 1st floor

Module J on the 2nd floor

Modules O and P on the 3rd floor

The logic the model B is that departments will be located as an entity at the same floor. Departments of Art, Film, Television and Scenography and Media are seen as one entity because of the joint admin service. The first floor is good location for it because there are room for the 128 people. The combination of three departments will be 110 people together within addition of service. The first floor is also the one where is room for this entity.

Proposal B includes division such as

1st floor  – Service, Department of Art, Department of Film, and Department of Media / close proximity to the future Media centre that will be opposite side of the road

2nd floor – Service, Department of Design / ARTS-BIZ Shared programme (CS, IDBM)

3rd floor – Service, Department of Architecture / ARTS-BIZ U level service

The model B division of departments supports interaction between Media, Art, and Design as well than co-operation between Architecture and Design.

Link to the decision: Departments location in VÄRE 5.6.2017