Furniture inventories summer 2017

The heritage of ARTS has always played an important role to us throughout the vivid history of our school. Campuses have travelled from historically valuable Ateneum all the way to the old factories of Arabia and from Hietalahdentori to Otaniemi. Now together we are moving to Väre, a brand new building specifically designed and built for us. To support the identity of ARTS in the new location, it is important to bring something old and meaningful with us. And what would represent the School of Arts, Design and Architecture better than some of the best pieces of Finnish furniture design from our past alumni, professors and influencers.

During the spring and summer 2017 thorough furniture inventories have been made at the Arabia campus and some of the storage spaces of Aalto. The inventories showed that we have a valuable collection of Finnish furniture design from the last 100 years. This unique collection will represent the different phases of both the history of our school but also the history of Finnish design. These timeless classics include furniture from Yrjö Kukkapuro, Yrjö Wiherheimo, Simo Heikkilä, Ilmari Tapiovaara and of course Alvar Aalto among others. (Maria Riskilä)