Honey pot Hubs model

A goal of the second workshop with heads of department was to decide on the distribution principles for people, as well as to consider organization structures.

The presentation included four different kinds of distribution principles models:

  1. a) Degree programmes
  2. b) Existing groups
  3. c) Focus areas
  4. d) Fortuna

After the presentation, participants divided into two working groups and worked with two different models discussing pros and cons and elaborating on these.

The decision

The heads of department decided that the people distribution principles and organization structures will be organized within the Väre building according to a model called Honey pot Hubs, which is created by utilizing ARTS’ focus areas (as hubs) in relation to ARTS’ degree programmes.

Focus areas are:

  • Design in all scales of human environment and everyday life
  • Meanings and expressions, storytelling
  • Artistic research practice
  • Culture of sharing; new ways of planning, producing and distributing
  • Digital society


See also: Memo from ARTS Heads of Department workshop 2 14.1.2016