Learning centre

What is the Learning Centre?

The learning centre offers a modern and dynamic space, supporting the Aalto University spirit of multidisciplinary learning, research and working methods – a new culture of doing and learning. The new learning centre opened the doors for users on Monday 31 of October 2016.

The Learning Centre brings all Aalto University campus libraries together under the same roof. The building has a lot fewer shelves for traditional books than earlier, and this has freed up space for new purposes. Learning Centre services have been updated to meet today’s requirements. Along with material loans, guidance on performing an information search, and bibliometrics services, the new Learning Centre now has a Visual Resource Centre for image materials, a well-equipped studio that can be used to, for example, record a MOOC lecture, and FabLab, which will move from Arabia at a later time. Aalto expertise can be displayed on the many exhibition spaces and a large media wall.

The Otaniemi library building has undergone a major renovation. Lasting more than one year, the work involved upgrades to customer facilities, storage rooms and staff workspaces. The building has been turned into a magnificent, multipurpose and modern Learning Centre for students, faculty and other customers.

The first floor houses Tori, which includes meeting facilities, a café and the new Visual Resource Centre. The book and periodical collections, reading room and a thesis bar can be found on the second floor. The lower floor has been turned into Makerspace, an outstanding multipurpose facility where people can work, do group work or just take a break.