Aalto studios

What is Aalto studios?

  • Media centre enables research excellence in Aalto’s multidisciplinary research themes.
  • Provides infrastructure for multidisciplinary research: for science and art to meet with technology and business in a world-class media production, research and presentation facilities.
  • Scape to interact and network with arts and culture sector.
  • Increases Aalto’s visibility and societal impact.


  • Content production: Artistic research and art-/production-based research.
  • Media technology research and development.
  • Infrastructure with both: artistic and research outputs.
  • Strong national influence to audiovisual and digital culture: films, games, performing arts, media art.
  • Internationally attractive environment for researchers and artists.
  • Lively meeting point in Otaniemi to attract external partners and citizens ( a reason to take a metro to the Aalto U).