The construction work on Väre building begins

Finally the building permit is legal now. The building permit was done in the meeting on the 29th of October 2015 by Espoo city on the board of construction. So, that means the construction work on Väre building begins. Due to construction work on Väre, Otaniementie will be closed to traffic between Vuorimiehentie and Tietotie as of Friday, 18 December. These alternate routes will remain in effect until August 2016, at which time the metro will be open for service and the Espoo bus lines will be revised.

The metro building has got also a new temporary façade in Otaniemi (see a picture). A huge change of the Otaniemi campus has started and later there will be seen also more about Väre building and art works in fence of the Väre building construction site. Least, I am looking forward to see it!