Väre inside

What is Väre like inside?

The Väre building is based on the simple basic module. It produces a convincing variety of spatial arrangements, and it is adaptable and flexible but with a clear and distinct architectural character. The building includes an entrance to the Metro, services, Aalto University’s common spaces, cafeterias, restaurants, Kipsari and premises for School of Art, Design, and Architecture (ARTS).

Spatial concepts of ARTS premises are divided into two groups, working and learning premises. Working premises are based on an activity-based office spaces concept. Otherwise, there are School of Arts, Design and Architecture following types for learning spaces: generic learning spaces such as lecture rooms, and specialized learning spaces such as studios and workshops, and informal learning spaces such as cafeteria’s and galleries.

  • The learning model combines theory and practice.
  • The spatial solution supports successful implementation of the learning model that is combining the problem-based learning (theory) and hands on learning (praxis).

The new building is built to last at least 100 years, facades for the next 50 years, and technical solutions for 30 years. The energy efficiency will be 83 kWh/m² (class A) in the university part and 148 kWh/m² (class B) in the underground.