Väre workshop: A Pedagogical viewpoint for Väre premises

Aim: Discussing about the Väre premises: group learning spaces and students’ homebase

Venue: Otakaari 1 A124, Otaniemi campus, Espoo

Invited: Academic leaderships, Architects, Vice deans, ACRE, ARTS

(Directors of the Bachelor´s and Master’s Degree Programmes in Art, Design and Architecture)


9.00–9.05  Opening

9.05–9.35  Future Learning and learning concepts in Väre

9.35–9.55  Discussing

9.55-10.05  Guidelines for the workshop

10.05–10.45  Working in groups

10.45–11.20  Outcomes from the groups and next steps

11.30–12.30  Visit in Väre construction site / in two