Learning premises

Väre learning premises includes generic, specialised and informal learning premises. Generic learning premises are such as large group learning premises. Specialized learning premises are such as studios for students.

The presentation shows ARTS learning premises and shared learning modules among ARTS-BIZ and studio premises for students that are for individual, peer and group learning.

Floor 1.

F module          F101 Learning and F102 Learning

L module          L101 Group learning, L102 Learning, L105 Learning, L107 Learning, and L108 Learning

M module         M101 Learning (it) and M102 Group learning, and

Studio M1: M107 Learning, it / Studying

Q module         Q101 Learning, Q102 Group learning, Q103 Group learning, Q104 Learning, and Q105 Learning

R module          R102 Learning (it), R103 Learning, R105 Learning, R106 Learning, and R107 Group learning (Sinco)


Floor 2.

E module        Studio E2:    E201 Learning / Studying

G module         G202 Learning (it) and G203 Learning (it)

K module         Studio K2:    K201 Studying

L module         Studio L2:    L208 Learning / Studying

M module        Studio M2:   M202 Learning / Studying

O module         Studio O2:     O201 Studying

Q module         Q201 Learning, Q202 Learning, and Q203 Group learning


Floor 3.

J module         Studio J3:      J302 Learning / Studying

K module        Studio K3:      K301 Studying

Q module        Q301 Behavior lab

Väre Learning premises_SD